Wollner - History & Catalogue of a Viennese Toy Soldier Manufacture

ISBN 978-3-200-01575-3
Price: EUR 70,- plus Shipping
Size: 19,5 x 26,5 cm
312 pages
more than 800 pictures

Have you ever asked a longtime Wollner-collector for well-founded documents about Wollner?

All you will get is a pitying smile or at best a shroug of the shoulders!


This is doubtlessly not meant in bad faith because no Wollner-collector can recognize a catalogue, a list of available cardboard-boxes or any other paper originating from the manufacture Wollner. 

Henceforth, this book offers the opportunity to fill the gaps in one’s knowledge. This publication is the first comprehensive documentation: both history of the manufacture Wollner and its founder Michael and a catalogue of produced figures and cardboard-boxes were compiled for the very first time.

This comprehensive catalogue-part is the quintessence of well-founded collections which were accessible to me and the longtime knowledge of some profound Wollner-collectors.

All statements regarding figures were made on the basis of original-moulds, vintage-boxes and original-figures only.